“ANTIDOTE” - in camera compositions

“Antidote” is my series where the featured birds and their the tweet- and twitters — are unlimited by characters, free of errors, offensive to no one — and are just what nature meant them to be.  Blending the interior and the exterior, I blurred the boundary between objects in the home and the flora and fauna in the garden.

This environment became the stage where I created this antidote to offset the chaos that characterizes the current political climate in the United States. I purposely crafted a world in which reality is overtaken by illusion and fantasy. 

Every morning, while drinking my coffee, I watched birds feeding. As a city person, I was completely captivated. I came to understand and appreciate the differences and unique characteristics of the birds in my photographs. I discovered that bluebirds are the alphas, cardinals (especially the females) are the shiest and the tufted tit-mouse is the most curious about their human neighbors.

This project was a joy and a celebration. For me, “Antidote” forced me to be present in the "here and now".

I captured these images exactly as I saw them through the viewfinder of my camera. They are not multiple exposures nor have they been composited in Photoshop.