Geographically Isolated

We can feel physically isolated when we are in a distant place or in a location that is foreign to us. A locale itself, usually because of geography, can also be isolated.

On this website there are of two projects where I shed light on two of the most physically isolated locations in the world - the Antarctica and the Arctic.

1) THE ANTARCTICA:  BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE (2007), I wanted to create a permanent record of what, scientifically, we know is disappearing as a result of global warming.

2) THE ARCTIC: POINT OF NO RETURN(2014), it is well documented that global warming has endangered the polar bears.  I observed these animals play fighting, sleeping, and walking – including a mother with her twin cubs – wondered if these majestic beasts would one day be nothing more than a memory.

In my photographs of both these projects, land meets fantasy, in images that are both a representation of a changing landscape; and a dreamscape of a world that may soon be available to viewers only through old photographs.