Navigating This Website

Over the last ten years, my photographic projects have focused on important social and environmental concerns in three areas: the socially isolated, the geographically isolated and, as an antidote, the uncompromising and indomitable spirit of the baby boomer women. My website is divided into these three sections.

To give voice to the socially and emotionally isolated, my portraiture series include: an international gathering of activists in Mexico affected by the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS (INFECTED & AFFECTED - 2008): parents and children living with HIV/AIDS in Cape Town, South Africa (IN THE FACE OF AFFLICTION- 2009); and LGBTQ homeless youth in New York City (NEW ALTERNATIVES - 2014).   

To shed light on the geographically isolated, I photographed landscapes of Antarctica and the Arctic to illustrate how the regions have been affected by global warming (THE ANTARCTICA:  BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE- 2007) and (THE ARCTIC: POINT OF NO RETURN- 2014).

To celebrate and bear witness to the indomitable boomer women and the concept of interconnectedness, I have photographed and share in writing my reflections of nearly forty extremely accomplished and fascinating women from all walks of life, ethnicities, and geographical regions in the United States (2015-2017). I plan to continue this project to showcase more amazing boomer women.

These photographic projects are my attempt to lead the viewer to a better understanding of both isolation and interconnectedness – so that we can aspire to treat each other and our planet better.