Baby Boomer Women 


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This project focuses on the indomitable spirit of the American Baby Boomer Woman – women born between 1945 and 1964. Baby Boomer Women were the first generation to expect that they could “have it all” — equality, family, careers, fitness, health and wealth; there were no limitations. Now, as these women enter their mid-50s, 60s, and 70s, they face a unique set of challenges: growing older in a youth-oriented society while continuing to enjoy those same meaningful and evolved lives.

In addition, we are living in a political climate where women of all ages have formed a resistance to preserve their hard-fought for inalienable rights. These fundamental freedoms are seen as being systematically chipped away. Women have been, and still are targets of sexism and ageism.  Older women are described as invisible and “of a certain age”—even as crones or witches. As a child, I believed this myth. As an adult, and a Baby Boomer Woman, I know this to be false.

Since 2015, I have photographed and interviewed 40 ordinary and extraordinary Baby Boomer Women who dismantle these stereotypes and celebrate the indomitable baby boomer spirit.

Included in the group are athletes, scholars, activists, businesswomen, artists, survivors, immigrants, and members of different races, religions, and sexual identities.

Strong, resilient, tenacious, courageous, and unstoppable are some of the words I use to describe them. When these admirable qualities are attributed to people who have been stereotyped because of both their gender and age, and when these women are captured through photographs and interviews, it makes a political statement.

Simply by going about their lives, these amazing women challenge cultural norms and are a testament to the American character, courage, vitality and spunk.  As these photographs are seen and the inspirational stories read, I believe the viewer will become more aware of what is possible—to be a better person, citizen, community member, partner, lover, and friend. And, I believe that younger generations will find inspiration for the challenges that lie ahead of them by learning about the lives of these Baby Boomer Women who through their examples have led the way.

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