Completed Projects


During various times of my life, I have felt an acute sense of being isolated. I believe most people experience this mental state and that, in fact, it’s part of the human condition. But in some circumstances, isolation is taken to an extreme. It is these situations, both emotional and physical, that I have been drawn to.  

Communities that are isolated can be discriminated against, shunned, ridiculed and ostracized, usually the result of fear and ignorance. Conversely, people can isolate themselves, often as the result of shame – the pain caused by feeling worthless because of circumstances or conduct.

On this website there are of three portraiture projects where I give voice to people who are socially and emotionally isolated:

1)   NEW ALTERNATIVES (2014) – I photographed LGBTQ homeless youth in New York City whose biological and foster families often shun them. Feeling alienated and often physically threatened, they run away to large cities to search for people like themselves.

2)   IN THE FACE OF AFFLICTION (2009)  - A project where I photographed parents and children living with HIV/AIDS in Cape Town, South Africa.

3) INFECTED & AFFECTED (2008 and 2009)  - Here, the subjects came from an international gathering of activists in Mexico affected by the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS.