All my life, I doodled, but I never did “art.” Now, I am a late-blooming artist, totally self-taught, who exhibits and curates internationally, and teaches art to others. I don’t think art is related to age. I think it’s about attitude. An artist has to be completely dedicated and passionate.

I am a full-blooded Chinese woman, born in Panama, now living in Miami.

When I was fifty-four, I decided to go all out with my art. I told my husband I would be at our home only physically. I realized that I had no time to waste. I worked intensively. The result is that I have done a lot more in the past two and a half years than I could have accomplished in 10 years of easygoing work.

Last year, I had thirty-five shows, including eight in a single month. At one point, eighty of my paintings were being shown simultaneously. I have been invited to participate in the Latin America Biennale and in satellite shows for Art Basel.

I never stop to think about what I am doing. I simply keep going. I have a lot of energy, and I don’t feel as if there’s an age limit to prevent me from what I hope to accomplish. My work ethic and the love for what I am doing are what all I need.  “Art—either I do this or I dream about doing this!”