I don’t believe that God watches over me. I do believe that there is something that transcends my being. My purpose in this world is to give off “chesed,” or loving kindness. While many people mistake being kind for being naïve, I continue to believe in what I do.

On Facebook, I belong to a group called “Jewish Spirit” where I came across an African man, Moses, living in a remote village in eastern Uganda.  He wrote that this Jewish village had no electricity or running water and asked for help fearing the illnesses that would spread through his village.

All my friends thought it was a scam. But I started thinking, “What if this were true?” I started investigating.

I started an email correspondence with Moses and we became friends. With the help of a small inheritance I raisied the funds to have a permanent well with electricity built in Moses’ village.

This is an excerpt from a comprehensive interview.